Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Scenes from the State House

These are things that I see everyday that I take for granted, until I see a group of young students wander these halls, wide eyed, in awe and wonder. I get so caught up with the hussle and bussle and chaos that I forget to look around me...really see the history...think of those who walked this floor before me.


mati rose said...

i remember taking a trip there in 4th grade! taking pictures... mostly of my friends:) do you live in augusta?
thanks for your comment today on my inspiration board;) i haven't received the polaroid camera yet. hmm. i hope it comes soon!

risa said...

it's great to step back and look at your daily environment through others eyes! i try to do that from time to time. it always makes me feel lucky.

julie said...

since i started blogging i havent stopped looking around me for those everyday husband thinks im a little strange sometimes...but these photos are wonderful!!