Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Garden Philosophy

After the “Trash Bag Water Balloon” fiasco, I decided to adopt a new garden philosophy. It was a really good philosophy. I even gave it a catchy title! I called it, “Suck It Up and Lug the Buckets.” Can you guess what my philosophy entailed?

Now, I have complained about my Dad’s pack ratty ways in the past, but I have to say that I am currently thanking that pack rat! I decided to “rearrange” my shed (read, “throw out all the crap I will never ever use that still belongs to my Dad but I'm not going to tell him I threw it out”) and in my “rearranging,” I found a short hose that attached beautifully to my other hose and you know what? It reaches to within 2 feet of my garden!! I can freely water all parts of my veggie garden with great ease! No wet feet! No lugging buckets! Can you tell that I’m obviously pysched? AND, I found a sprayer attachment for my hose that lets you switch between 5 different settings. It can mist, it can jet, it can gently shower! It also does cone and flat and though they are noticable different settings, I can't describe them. It totally rocks, though!

ANNNNNDDDDD…check this out…I have peas!

I have beans!

I’m doin’ the happy happy dance of joy.

And look at these peonies! I know there are only three little ones, but they're the first peonies I've ever grown.


shari said...

peas, beans and peonies. hooray! our peas are long gone and we are fighting the cabbage loopers and slugs for our broccoli. hopefully we'll win.

louise said...

Wow, look at all that green... something we haven't seen that much of lately over here in Australia.

Enjoy those peas, they look delicious.

gracia said...

This makes me want to get out there and garden... too bad it is dark and chilly outside. Looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow.
take care, g xo

risa said...

one day i hope to have a garden like yours! one day...

simple me said...

looks wonderful! I want a garden like that, please :)