Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Foxy Loxy and Postcardie Goodness

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This little friend came to visit the field next to my parents house...and hasn't left. As a matter of fact, she's building a new home. I tried to get a good look at her to see if she was pregnant, but I couldn't tell. Click on the "View Slideshow" button to see more photos of her. I was all of 15 ft from her, taking these shots. She ran away once, when I started walking back to the house, but she came back, only to run away again when I took the dog out for a walk. She's rather ratty looking (I think that's because she's shedding with the hot weather), but she's cute!

Completed this weekend were the postcards for Andrea's swap! Mine are a bit bulky to be sent as is (and they have beads glued to them that would get destroyed in the sorting machines at the post office), so into envelopes they have gone and are just awaiting postage.
The idea was to create a "summer" postcard...things that make you think of summer (I've already received 3 of the 12 from my list and they are just so funky and creative! I have them on my fridge right now). They were supposed to go out by the Solstice...but as you can see that didn't happen!
Oh so, have I mentioned just how much I love my chief of staff? He closed the office at 3:00 on Friday and told me to get out, to go start my 3 day weekend! He totally rocks!

Oh oh, I have to remember to take picts of my latest creation (the very functional headband/dana - you'll see) and the island pants I found over the weekend (the link shows you what I mean by island pants, mine are grey rayon with an embroidered, sheer black organza overtop - again I say, you'll see).

Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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