Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I need a vacation

I've said it before, but I really enjoy my job. I work in the Maine Legislature (Office of the Senate President), but we're not a full-time legislature, which means every two years, we have a new legislative session and every two years there is the possibility of not having a job (a bit nerve-wracking). Our legislative session is broken up into 2 individual (regular) sessions. The first session is the longest running (normally) from January to June. Our second session runs from January to April (sometimes May). In my office, session normally starts off busy, slows down a little as committees settle into their work on bills and then speeds up like a freight train when the end of session approaches. Paperwork comes in furious piles. Tempers flare and suspicion abounds at the slightest notion of someone's bill going the wrong way. Lobbyists hover, staff members scurry and the media camps outside each chamber in hopes of a scoop. Rumors circulate and questions are asked: Will tax reform go this way or that? Will the State health plan make it or be scrapped? Will a certain Senator have a meltdown in public...again...or just in the privacy of her caucus...again? Ooooooh, the drama!

The biggest question today is about adjournment. Today is the day when they should finish their work. Will they? Many have been asking this. Everyone has a guess...a date and a time (and $5 in a pool - keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow night at 11:12 pm).

There is an air of anticipation here today. A calm before the storm. How will it all end? When will it all end?

And my question...when can I take a vacation?

I leave you with two really great Imogen Heap songs:

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