Friday, June 22, 2007


We adjourned at 10:32 last night and if I hadn't been so tired, I would have done the happy happy dance of joy! I'm still exhausted - at the end of today, this will have been a 60 hour work week. :^(

I don't like 60 hour work weeks. They remind me of when my soul was owned by a retail conglomerate and 17 hour days happened EVERYDAY!

But yesterday I did seek some respite in a lovely, sunny little spot
A place to put my feet up soak up a little sun
watch the summer sky roll about
And rest my tired eyes

It's back to work today, but now to blissful quiet. Silent halls that, not 12 hours ago, were packed with people: Senators, Representatives, lobbyists, citizens, staffers, reporters, camera crews.

Today, they will go back to their normal daily lives.

And so will I. Here. In the quiet.


simple me said...

Oh I hope you had the chance of relaxing this weekend.
60 hour week is a looooooong week.
nice to see a little peek of you.
have a less tiring week this week. enjoy!

shari said...

hi there tiff. your resting spot looks nice...a good view and everything.