Monday, June 11, 2007

Sweet Monday

Cracked ribs will not be keeping me from Wendy's Sweets Party - per my promise:

Sinful and sweet, blissful brownies from Simply Divine Heavenly Brownies of Maine

I will be certain to bring along plenty for everyone, especially of this one and this one and this one! Yum!

Oh, I better bring a lot of milk (regular and soy for anyone lactose intolerant) along with me - you really need something to wash these down after you've savored the chocolatey goodness!

I hope everyone enjoys the brownies!


Oh btw, the ribs are feeling better (thank you and you and you and you for the well wishes!) long as I don't cough, or sneeze, or laugh too hard or breath too deeply - but they're so much better than on Saturday!


wendy said...

oh my goodness your ribs...the brownies look amazing though.
i hope you are taking it really really easy!!

louise said...

Glad to hear that your ribs are feeling a bit better. I've had a bruised rib before and it was very painful. I think these brownies are the perfect medicine for you right now.

risa said...

thank you for the soy milk! i'm glad you are feeling better. :)

julie said...

oh they look so good!! hope youre feeling even better now!!

Listoria said...

I'm so happy that everyone liked the brownies!

The ribs aren't bad...they're still there, but they they're not bad.

Thanks everyone!

simple me said...

I LOVE brownies and these ones look great ... this reminds me that I need to put something in the mail for you :) Surprise!
So glad your ribs are better now.

shari said...

oh my. those brownies!!