Friday, August 03, 2007

Maine Quilts 2007

(**Update** I had to completely empty this post of images and recreate the whole thing, as the pictures suddenly stopped appearing on my blog! God only knows why.)
These were my quilt show companions - my Aunt Patricia (in the green) and my Mother. Words can do no justice in describing these beautiful pieces of fabric art goodness; you just have to look…

These are just a few that hit my favorite category. I'm always drawn to nontraditional quilts with robust color schemes. This year I found that I was very drawn to those that combined the elements of shape, line, the use of negative space, of light and shadow. There is just something geometrically pleasing about them; a conformity in the chaos that appeals to my ordered side.

I took many more pictures. To see the rest, go here.


lisa s said...

oh i really love that last one!! so good

Sonnja said...

Hello Tiffany,

Thank you for the photos,
What a beautiful Quilts I see.
Kind Regards,


simple me said...

gosh! so much patient gone in to each single one of these.
the second one with those tiny bits of colour (they remind me of stain glass) is very pretty.