Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Toy!!

I have a new toy! Mum and I hit a REALLY good sale the other day and with our 50% off coupons, we each bought a SideWinder (for only $17.50)!! The SideWinder is a one button, portable bobbin winder that runs on batteries and fills bobbins without having to un-thread your sewing machine (which drives me nuts!). I haven't tried it out yet (which is killin' me!). I just haven't had time; I'm still working crazy hours - as a matter of fact, I'm still at work...14 hours straight and counting (:^P) and the concensus is that we'll be in late again tomorrow.
This weekend...this lovely 3 day weekend (Patriot's Day observed only in Maine and Massachusetts)...will be a rakin' the lawn, painting the coffee table funky, finishing the last 4 mini quilts (managed to get 5 done during my mad dash mini quilt catch up session) kind of weekend. I'm so looking forward to it!
And I've been inspired. I had a meeting in Brunswick on Tuesday and stopped into a furniture store called Seaside Mercantile (no website, unfortunately) because their window display featured an aqua colored couch with a purple sofa table behind it and an aqua and cobalt striped hutch off to the side. It was fabulous! It inspired my thoughts concerning my living room. I love painting rooms in great colors (remember my hall), but I've never been able to figure out just what to do with the living room (look here beyond the crazy cats to see the wallpaper and woodwork and here is the carpet and my hand me down couch). My idea is to rip off the wallpaper, paint the walls an eggshell color, slipcover the furniture in different colors, make new and funky fabric curtains, paint the coffee table, side tables and entertainment center in funkatude colors and patterns and paint my own canvases to go on the walls. I've never been a fan of white walls, but I think I can get behind this! Now it's just DOING it (there are still many projects that need finishing first).
Oh, we're done for the night and it's only 10:30 - Whoo hoo! I'm goin' to bed! Night!
(oh, if any of this is disjointed, blame 14 1/2 hours of work, sleepy eyes/brain and the fact that I'm going to post this without anal retentively rereading and editing it!)


louise said...

Hope you have fun with your new sewing toy. xo lj

lisa s said...

oh that's good. i might have to get one :D