Friday, April 04, 2008

Random Happenings

On Tuesday, we had a staff meeting in my office and my boss left his mug behind. Now I could have been nice, cleaned said mug and returned it to his office, like the polite and respectful employee that I should be...but if I started acting polite and respectful to him now, he'd wonder what was wrong with me. So instead, I sent him a ransom note...

It reads:

"Dear Mr. McCarthy,

Please read carefully. We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction (well, not that foreign, but foreign enough). We respectively hosted your staff meeting, but thought your lack of cleanliness and absence of memory was very unprofessional. Therefore, we have your John Wayne mug in our possession. It is safe and unharmed at the moment, but if you ever want to see it again, you must follow our instruction to the letter.

You must bring $10,000 Colombian pesos (about $5.47 US) to the President’s Office by noon tomorrow. Leave the money on the table and your mug will be returned to you within two hours. Do not involve the authorities. If you call the police or tell anyone about this, your mug will come back to you in pieces! For the safety of your mug, you must do as we say!

You will be hearing from us.

Hugs and smooches, your friendly neighborhood mug-nappers"


Man, I love my job.


Okay, so I know I haven't been around much, just a little random blogging and practically no visits to other people's blogs or flickr sites...aaaaand I'm about 5 or 6 weeks behind on Mini-Quilt Monday, but soon enough the legislative session will be done and I'll actually have more time to create, take pictures, paint, see friends, have a life, etc. etc.... Anyhoo, despite all the things I need to be doing for work, I have a ton of ideas swirlin' in that brain of mine that have absolutely nothing to do with the tunic and tank patterns I just created the other day and the squeaky snail for dogs that I came up with for my etsy shop and the random doodles that I want to paint on canvas...just because I think it would look funky.

Anyhoo, back to the old grindstone and all that fun stuff.

Hugs and smooches, your friendly neighborhood mugnapper :^)


gracia said...

John Wayne mugs and ransom notes... how different our days sound.

A ransom note to make the reader smile no doubt.

hugs, g xo

louise said...

Good luck at work over the coming weeks, sounds like your having a blast. xo lj

Marni said...

What a genius idea! and my boss's last name is McCarthy, too! Mind if I borrow your ransom note word for word to use on him? :-P

Tiffany said...

G&L - so very soon the crazy portion of my job will be done and it will be back to *blessed* quiet! :^)

Marni - be my guest! Spread the ransom note love! My boss just about died laughing when he read it (which was perfect since he was having such a HORRIBLE day).