Friday, April 25, 2008

What's in Your Backyard?

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I know I blogged about this last year...but tis the season and this year, I'm actually getting stuff done! The picture is tiny here, but click over to flickr and you can see it a little larger (esp. if you go into all sizes). This is the before picture. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work for a 5 day weekend (Monday was Patriot's Day - observed only in Maine and Massachusetts) and all I did was rake and rake and rake some more!

My brother helped on Sunday - we got rid of all that rotting wood behind the shed and two truck loads of leaves. Then I borrowed my parents' truck and got rid of another 6 loads of leaves! My nephew will be over tonight to help me move all the crap and cinder blocks from behind the rotting fence to behind the shed (out of sight, out of mind). Then the plan is to take down the fence and when the transfer station starts giving away it's free compost, I'll dump it in that soon to be crap free area and seed it, thus reclaiming a portion of the yard that hasn't been used as actual "yard" space in YEARS!

I'm hoping that I can get the garden tilled tomorrow and the fence up (to fend off any future veggie munching visitors) and possibly get my peas and beans in, as they are getting a bit big for their on the porch!

As soon as I get the "After" pictures taken, I'll be sure to post!

Oh, I'm hoping to make next week a "Week of Mondays" - miniquilt Mondays, that is. I have a bunch done and photographed...just waiting to be posted!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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elaine haby said...

What a wonderful space to spread out and have a kitchen garden Those Groundhogs look so cute . I didn't realize they would eat all your hard work. Lokking forward to seeing the 'after' photos