Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Nym is adjusting nicely to his new home. Thank you Louise, Gracia, Shannon and Lisa for the well wishes and welcomes to him. Sadie and Tallulah are getting used to him, slowly but surely, though it's more slowly with Tal - she's really not impressed by him! Sadie loooooves him (except when he plays with her feet) and he loves her, especially at night when he can curl up next to her. It's so darn cute! Sadie gets a little jealous that the kitten gets so much attention and that she has to be "talked to" often because she forgets that he's only little and that she has giant yeti paws compared to him. I'm trying very hard not to let her and Tal feel left out or unappreciated, but it's difficult when they see me toting Nym around the house (I used to do the same with Tallulah...back when she didn't weigh 13 lbs), he's just so featherweight, it's easy to scoop him up.
He learned how to climb up and down the stairs yesterday, so now he has full roam of the house (which pleases him to no end). And after I created a makeshift stair up to the dishwasher, where the food dish is, this new climbing skill has come in quite handy! He likes to munch a little, get down, drink out of Sadie's water dish on the floor (despite there being a water dish right beside him), go play and then come back for a little more.
He's a total cuddle bug when he's sleepy, but when he's in a playful mood...watch out! He becomes "Psycho-Kitty". He's also a kitty contortionist when he sleeps; body twisted into the most unnatural of positions - it's hilarious! He's already aquiring nicknames, aside from Nym: Nymble, Nymby, Nyms and my personal favorite...Nymbecile for his sillier moments (like when he jumped at Tallulah's tail - not the smartest move).

He's one of the family now!

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