Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Turkey Day

I was just thinking that I haven’t visited my favorite blogs in quite some time and thought that maybe today, during the down time, I would catch up…until I checked my Bloglines and found 310 blog posts unread! THREE HUNDRED AND TEN!

I didn’t realize that it had been almost a month since I really checked up on all of you, despite posting on my own blog. It just seems like so much has been happening at work and trying to get the homemade gifts done, that I’ve been neglecting everyone else’s blogs. I’m very sorry for that, but I have this sinking feeling that when my new job officially starts, I’ll be here less and less…

Note to self: make time for blog reading and writing

That being said and apologized for…things are good! Thanksgiving was nice, albeit hung-over, having spent the previous night with my brother and my cousin over-indulging at Schooner Landing in Damariscotta. The day after turkey day was spent lazily, eating leftovers and watching TV in the jammies, despite the plan to trek out to early morning Black Friday sales…yeah, as of 8:00 the night before, we knew that wasn’t happening!

I have partaken in Cyber Monday, though…but only on Amazon…and only because I HATE (yes, I know hate is a strong word, but it really applies here) holiday shopping. With shoppers and drivers, manners seem to be optional come the holiday season and respect has flown RIGHT out the window! I try to be pleasant and courteous, but I become the biggest grouch if I have to go shopping AT ALL from Thanksgiving to New Years, because people block isles with their carts or cut you off in parking lots or ride your ass on the road because they don’t feel you are going fast enough despite the fact that you’re driving 10 miles over the speed limit! Okay, just thinking about it is making me cranky…I’ll stop. Thankfully, I have only 4 more things to buy and shopping is done. I still have 3 quilts to finish, 2 headbandana’s to make and a bunch of baking to do, but that doesn’t require leaving the warmth of my fortress of solitude!

Being the purveyor of holiday cheer that I normally am this time of year (except when forced to go Christmas shopping), my tree went up on Saturday and the house decorating commenced.

The kitten (being new to this whole Christmas thing) looooves the tree – it’s great for hiding under and playing with…but mostly for hiding under, especially for those moments when the urge to jump out and attack a passerby strikes!

His evil 13 lb counterpart feels the same way, but she jumps out only to attack him (she knows better than to attack me!)

Well, I'm off to an office celebration at Deb's house! Have a lovely evening!

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