Thursday, November 08, 2007

But I'm Feeling Much Better Now

Cold from HELL...that is how I would describe that THING that I had. It was in my head, it was in my chest, it made my bones ache, it made my muscles ache. It just wasn't fun. My voice fades in and out, but I'm feeling much better now. That cold just floored me!

Two things of note, today...

ONE: I saw Mizz Briana on HGTV this morning. They were rerunning the episode of Uncommon Threads that she did. Very, very cool! I had just gotten out of the shower and needed some background noise, turned it on and there was Bri, so of course I HAD to watch it! Everytime a commercial break came on, I'd run into the bathroom to do the next round of whatever to get ready for work. So basically it was, watch the show - run into the bathroom to put on deodorant and cream, towel dry the hair and brush it; watch the show - run back into the bathroom to put on clothes; watch the show - blow dry the hair, etc. Needless to say, I'm inspired to crochet again!

TWO: "Mission: New Kitten" has commenced (that's the official title of my search for a kitten)! I have searched the classifieds, I found the number for someone in Waterville (a 20 minute drive from me) giving away litter box trained, 8 week old, black and grey, long haired kittens. I called an hour ago and left a message with my work # and my home # - I really hope they call me back. Keep your fingers crossed!

In honor of "Mission: New Kitten", here are a few youtube links to some waaaaay too freakin' adorable kitten videos...
Playful Kitten

Ahhhh, the things I have to look forward to :^)


Bri said...

Well, I hope I didn't make you rush too much but I'm so glad that we got to hang out this morning... And thank you for your email, it was absolutely the nicest, coolest compliment I've gotten in ages and totally made my day.

Best of luck with your kitty search. Pictures!

gracia said...

Glad you are feeling better now, Tiffany, and I am most envious of your telly watching even if it was a little rushed.

see you, g xo