Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the Hell!?!

I got three square stitched on Maddie's quilt last night and my sewing machine started to squeal. I greased it up (something I just did not too long ago...maybe it's from stitching through all that fleece) and it's still squealing.

This is not the time for my machine to die on me!

Yes, I can steal my mother's old Kenmore, but that's not the's not my machine with the electronic stitch controller and the needle threader, the automatic button-holer and the push button stop.

I'm praying that the oil will seep into all the squeaky parts and when I go home, it will be miraculously better and I can continue with sewing as usual. But dread is sitting in the pit of my stomach (never a good sign).

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

1 comment:

louise (elsewhere) said...

My fingers are crossed and I've asked my three cats to cross their paws also. I hope it helps.