Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My new camera arrived yesterday! So of course, I've been playing...
spiderweb between the birdnetting of the pea/bean trellis

Sadie in macro

Spider trail in crabapple branches

Web-strewn clothes pins

Stellas in a neighbor's yard

Tallulah in mid-lick

Foggy Mt. Vernon St.

I'm very pleased with this camera's capabilities, so far...and I haven't even read the book yet to find out what else it can do! The fact that it picked up the spiderwebs and the cat's tongue in mid-lick, that's something my old camera never did! And that was my greatest disappointment with my old camera; it just never picked up the subtle details of a shot.

I bet you know what I'll be doing on my lunch break today...

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louise said...

What fun, a new camera... JOY. xo lj