Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Today is Tuesday...

Okay, that glucose drink that I had to take yesterday...SUCKED! After a half hour, I felt light headed and dizzy and had major heartburn. By the time I got home (3 hours later), I couldn't keep my eyes open! I had intended to go to work after the test, but I was just so tired that I decided to take a nap before heading in, and ended up sleeping for hours! And really, to describe it as "sleep" doesn't do it justice - it was more like dropping out of existence for a few hours, sleeping the sleep of the comatose, DEAD. TO. THE. WORLD!

Marcia called me just after 1:00 to see if I was coming in. I rolled over to look at the clock and couldn't believe what time it was! Marcia thinks I had a sugar crash. It was sooooo weird!

But I'm good today and even went to Cardio Kickboxing, something I never thought I would enjoy, but really do! It's part of my "Get Your Ass to the Gym and Suck It Up!" program (self-administered and applying solely to myself and my gym partner, Tabetha). The goal is to tone up and get healthier, now that she and I are losing weight. I never thought I would say this about the gym, but I look forward to it...the cardio kick, the elliptical machine and we're going to try a full body workout class, too. I know it's going to kick my ass - cardio did after the first class; it took me 4 days to recover - but it will be worth it!

Oh, and no test results yet from the Glucose Tolerance Test...but I do have some lovely bruises on my inner elbow where they had to root around to find a vein. I try not to extend my arm, so as not to show off what look like junky track marks! You would think that lab techs at a hospital who do this day in and day out would be able to find a vein zip bang boom, take it and you're done with no fuss, no muss...kinda like the lab tech at my local doctor's office - she rocks; she leaves no bruises and takes the blood so quickly that you don't even realize she's taken it till she says "Okay, we're done!"...but no and I have the bruises to show for it!

Well that's all from my little world - hope all is well in your little world!


gracia said...

Eep! Your gtt sounds woeful and I have my fingers crossed tightly in the hope that your news is of the good kind.

Now, you are making me feel like I ought to head to the gym, too... I'm sure it'll help me feel more energetic. I am in full winter hibernation mode and feeling a little cosy but sluggish.

see you, g xx

shari said...

i hope you hear good news too!