Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WiP - The Bride

My cousin is getting married in October and I wanted to come up with something for her bridal shower that is a little more personal, a little more individual, little more creative and a lot less "standard gift registry". And of course, since I'm going through post-quilt show "NEED TO CREATE!!!" mania, I started this...

The Bride

What I actually started was based on a Robin Wood drawing in an old copy of Scott Cunningham's Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic (which is frought with Wood's amazing art - check the link and you'll see a few examples as you scroll through).

As I worked, though, she developed into this playful bride, complete with 3 dimensional skirt (bedecked with tulle underlay) and a lacey ribbon at her waist.

I fussy cut flowers from a funky fabric and played with variegated green thread for grass

Her top is painted in white with a hint of grey to simulate folds and her hair is a brown fabric base with browns, reds, golds and black painted over it (it needs to be touched up)

I'm very pleased with how she is turning out...considering she went in a completely different direction than originally planned. I still need to paint in some clouds, paint her skirt so it flows with the bodice and quilt around her with invisible thread.

My plan is to cut it down to size, fit it into a shadowbox, then to the bottom of the shadowbox, add a mini bouquet of fake flowers tied with ribbon, some mini wedding rings, a little poem about weddings or brides or something and her wedding invitation (or save the date card as it has a picture of her and her fiancé) reduced down to mini and propped up. I hope she likes it!


shannon said...

you constantly amaze me... this is wonderful, and she's very lucky to be receiving such a thoughtful gift!

Tiffany said...

why, thank you!