Monday, July 28, 2008

Maine Quilts 2008

Quilt Show Mosaic

Just a smattering of quilts from the show, click on the mosaic to bring you to the rest.

Maine Quilts 2008 always...amazing, awe-inspiring, creatively inspiring and just plain old fantastic! Mum and I got there just a little after 9 on opening day and immediately hit the vendors! I found some really great fabric...

and then spent 3 hours wandering through the quilts (though the last 4 rows we skimmed through in 15 minutes because it was getting on to lunch time and I was starved! Next year, I'll bring snacks).

Every year, I am in awe of the talent and the creativity and the effort that these people put into their quilts. So many go beyond the traditional, but even the traditional are so well done, so intricate in pattern...I just can't get over it! There were so many three dimensional made me itch to do a picture quilt again (something I haven't done in a while!), something with lots of detail and embellishments (and yes, I've already started something! No pictures yet, but soon).

After the quilt show, we headed out for some crazy-inspired fabric shopping. At first, I went after always, but I put them back. They really weren't saying much to me. But then...then I found these and I just had to get a yard of each.

Not sure what I'll use them for, but there's definitely an apron in there!

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