Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Yuck

Road to Nowhere, Maine

Can I just say "ugh!"? I have to go to the hospital for tests this morning.

During my physical last week, I mentioned to the doctor how thirsty I had been despite drinking TONS of water, how my lips felt chapped and dry constantly (even though they don't look it) and how I was getting up more often in the middle of the night. So of course, she looks at my family history of diabetes and orders a GTT (glucose tolerance test) for this morning. Just how I wanted to spend my Monday morning, giving blood and peeing in a cup for 2 hours!

Everyone that I have spoken with, who has taken this, assures me that the glucose drink tastes like flat orange soda and it's not that bad, but I'm getting mixed reviews on the sickness afterward. Some people say they didn't get sick and others say that they did because you have to fast for 10 hours and then drink the stuff over the course of 2 hours, so 12 hours of nothing but water and flat orange soda in your stomach has the potential for a queasiness factor.

I'm not giving it much thought until the tests are done, the results are in and I've spoken to my doctor, though she didn't seem too worried - she said that even if I did have diabetes, I'm already on my way to controlling it because I've lost weight (since joining Weight Watchers in March), started exercising on a regular basis and am eating healthy. My Gram had it, controlled it with diet and lived to be 82...and she was still living in her own house until she passed and she mowed her lawn on a regular basis, aaaaand she didn't die because of a diabetes related issue, it was her heart...but her sister died in a diabetic coma...and my uncle has Type 2.

So I guess at the moment, since I'm trying not to give it any thought, I'm of the mindset that if I have diabetes, I'll deal with it. If I don't, guess who will be doing the happy happy dance of joy?

Wish me luck!

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