Thursday, November 20, 2008

33 Things

So my birthday was on Sunday – 32. It was quiet, a little ordinary, but I was okay with it…actually I was rather preoccupied, having had my interview the day before, so it really came and went without fanfare in my mind (though my wonderful friends did give me a little party that was perfect and my friend, who just learned to knit, made me this awesome hat and scarf combo that is supersuper soft and FANTASTICALLY warm).

But I was thinking about the past year and the things that I have done, the things that I wanted but didn’t do and then, in my reacquainting myself with my favorite blogs, I was reminded of Andrea’s list. What an inspiration! And what a great idea; it gives you something to look forward to, and if something doesn’t happen, add it to next year’s list!

This is what I have come up with for ideas, most of which are do-able and won’t take loads of money.

33 things

1. visit a foreign country (even if it’s only Canada to visit friends, but shoot for Ireland)
2. create a studio
3. buy a new sofa and chair…and maybe a recliner, too!
4. paint with abandon
5. take all of my fabric scraps and make a scrap quilt
6. read a book a month
7. go on at least one art walk
8. plant bulbs in the spring
9. pay off as many credit cards/loans/etc. in a year as possible
10. create guerilla art
11. learn to knit
12. stick with WW and be adamant about it
13. take yoga
14. write a short children’s story
15. illustrate said short children’s story
16. spend at least one Saturday or Sunday a month having b’fast in a café, or diner, or little bitty outta the way place, alone.
17. learn a foreign language (French, Spanish, Italian?)
18. go whitewater rafting
19. go camping at least once
20. meditate on a daily basis (because it really does make you feel better)
21. take vitamins EVERYDAY!
22. grow a more successful garden
23. learn to play darts again…or rather bone up on your rather rusty skills
24. make new friends
25. have at least three parties and invite everyone, whether they get along or not, just for the heck of it!
26. dance…often…even if people are looking
27. slide down the banister at work, if only once
28. hike up a mountain, even if it’s only a small one
29. write more (stories, journal entries, whatever)
30. make more interesting dinners, rather than the same old same old
31. pay more attention to my creative voice and run with it (even if there is dirt on the floor, dishes in the sink and laundry threatening to take over the bedroom)
32. cross off at the very least half of these things by November 16, 2009
33. turn 33 on November 16, 2009

The funny thing is, when I first started my list, I was having a hard time coming up with ideas. I mean really, what did I want? But then it just started flowing and now I’m thinking, “oooh, I could add a #34. Make at least one snowman in the yard and #35. Plan more road trips, even if they’re only day trips and #36. Buy a new china pattern and retire the old one and #37…”

Hmmm…I could start the never-ending list and just keep adding to it and adding to it…but for now, I’ll leave it where it is.

(okay, so I lied and posted a list...but I love lists...I love crossing things off's just a part of who I am!)


Cathy said...

Quite an impressive list, Tiffany. Here's to looking for ways to make a happy life. May all of it come true for you. Happy Birthday.


gracia said...

Happy Birthday to you! 32!? Hurrah for you!

big hugs, g xo