Friday, November 21, 2008

Doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy

Can you guess why?


The job that I interviewed for last week; the one that will allow me to slide into the other office seamlessly...yeah, that one!

You want to talk about breathing a sigh of's like I've been holding my breath underwater, but I've finally broken the surface, and I can take great big gulps of air, because I'm safe again. Safe for another two years. Okay, so I guess that bout of calmness that I felt was covering my fear (and might I say it did a very good job in doing so, because I didn't lose a single night's sleep).

Out of the 30 applicants and the 20 people that they interviewed, they chose me based on my knowledge and experience.

I'm so relieved - I'm no longer in limbo; I can start planning again, start really shopping for Christmas, pay off my truck without worry. I feel like I could run a marathon right now, I feel so good!


Cathy said...

Of course they realized you are the best!! Best out of 20!! You are just the BEST! Congrats all around.

shannon said...

congratulations! what a weight off your shoulders, huh?


gracia said...

Belatedly, my friend, I say CONGRATULATIONS!