Tuesday, May 23, 2006

aspiring artist with a day job

so i've never wanted to be a starving artist; i've been a starving college student...it wasn't fun. i've also been a waitress, a substitute teacher and worked in retail - all jobs i've experience, gained insight from and moved on from with no wishes to return. i want to be a financially stable artist and if that means working a day job to afford my creative endeavors, i'll do it...but only if i enjoy said job.

that said...i love my job, but it's pretty well the opposite end of the spectrum from my creative endeavors...it's politics oriented. i don't consider myself politically motivated...at all! but i pretend (obviously very well to do be able to do my job :^) and unlike many i work with, it does not consume my life. i have no interest in fund raisers, calling people for support, or going door to door bothering people with political information, but my job gives me the opportunity to help advocate for maine's creative economy, for the environment and for research, development and innovation! it also allows me to write. this makes me happy. growing up i wanted to be an artist or a writer (there was also that short stint when i wanted to be a marine biologist and study sharks, then i realized that science wasn't my strong point). my job lets me write, my life outside of work lets me create. it is a very nice compromise. and this is what i create (mostly), among other things:

i'm happy with my creations and will be putting them on etsy soon as they don't seem to have a market on ebay (my guess is that there is just so much on there that they get overlooked), besides i like etsy better, it's all homemade creations.

so anyhoo, aspiring artist with a day job...which, this week, seems to be a night job too! a late night job.

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