Thursday, May 18, 2006

comfort sounds

is it weird that the sound of chickens is comforting? i never realized this until my friend melissa got chickens. any major encounters that i have had with them were primarily at fairs, where the chickens are all in cages in a long hall and they're making such a cacophanous sound that you just can't wait to get out there. but when it's just a few, out scratching around the yard, without any roosters to stir the pot, they make this very mellow little "buck buck brauck". it really is relaxing!

Chickens are cool.

Bunch o' chickens Megan still feeding the ChickensOh the Chickies Brooke and her Chickie


gracia said...

Hello, I love the sound chooks make, it certainly is a comforting and familiar sound.
cheers, gracia
P.S. Did you know they are making a movie adaption of Where the Wild Things Are... can't wait.

Listoria said...

I didn't know about the movie. I will have to look into that!! It is my fav!