Monday, May 22, 2006

bowdoinham library's annual plant sale

saturday was a fabulous day! my mother and i trekked down to bowdoinham for their annual plant sale. this was the first time we'd ever been. i just happened upon it while looking at an events calendar online. it was perfect. the weather was sunny and warm, the amount of plants they had were just...blow your mind - wow, and the prices couldn't be beat! basically they get volunteers from the town to dig up and separate plants from their yard or that they've grown from seedlings and donate them to the library for this sale. i bought a forsythia, a hawthorne tree (that will have little white flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall - but it also has ruthless spikes!), rhubarb, cherry irises (which are a dark purple), cranberry colored bee balm, lavender and rosemary. i spent $33; best money i've ever spent! this is what they will look like eventually, now they are but little bits of green!

cranberry colored
bee balm

cherry iris

white flowering

after that, we took the back roads through farm country to topsham. it was sunny and so pretty outside and air was filled with the scent of lilacs. we went for brunch at a great little breakfast/lunch nook called the fairgrounds cafe. it looks like a little hole in the wall, but the food was amazing! i swear that my ham and cheese omelet was almost 6 inches high stuffed so full that i could only eat half of it. it also came with a plate full of oniony, peppery homefries and 2 slices of wheat toast. soooooo yummy. i was stuffed after half of it and brought the rest home. definitely a place to visit often. their prices were really good too, but they are only open until midafternoon.

the rest of the day (weekend) was spent cleaning maple saplings from the raspberry patch, planting bulbs and my newly aquired beauties from the plant sale, as well as playing domestic goddess inside when it rained!

i did get to start working on my downstairs hall. i had painted it this odd green and wasn't convinced i liked it until my mother pointed out the fact that i could mural it with a garden scene and make it completely out of the ordinary, so i started working on the grass. i'm not the best artist, i only dabble in painting. i'm more of a fabric artist, quilt artist. but i love the way the grass started coming out. so now i need to paint a birch trellis and morning glories trailing up that, paint a couple of trees, some flowers on the ground. i still need to repaint the trim and base-board and replace the ucky linoleum. of course i don't really have the resources for new hardwood flooring, so linoleum that dad has at the lake will replace the crappy stuff that's there.

soon my house will reflect my style, so very soon!

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