Sunday, May 28, 2006

memorial day weekend

i was intrigued by shari's mind maps and had to make one. so here is the one i drew yesterday. as you can see, this w/e mostly centers around my home (my rendition of what the front of my house looks like). and the best part is, it's only sunday and i've already done many of these things!! especially relax, which i really needed to. and i thought up what to get fran for her b-day (which is friday! yikes!); since my brother is a metal artist and i happen to have a big metal storage drum in my backyard (don't ask), i'm going to have him cut it in half, decorate the top edges by cutting designs out of it and create a fire pit (or planter, depending on which she'd rather use it for) and since he'll be cutting it in half, i'll get him to cut stars out of the top half of the other one for me!! :^) see, there's method to my madness.

anyhoo, today is all about the creativity. yesterday was all about the work (vacuuming, dishes, cleaning the porch, grocery shopping); today i play.

well, must go take a shower and call my sister to see if she and my niece want to dye paint today.

enjoy the weekend!

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simple me said...

Hi Tiffany,
Like your mind maps and plans for summer. I just which my life was a bit more organised and predictable at the moment so I could do the same.
By the way what is fruit leather? It made me quite curious.