Thursday, May 25, 2006

brand new day

so here i sit, trying to decide what to have for lunch, with my ginormous (giant and enormous - 1.5 liter) bottle of poland spring water (and even though the nestle company owns it, it's still bottled in maine and supporting maine products is a very important thing), listening to a funky cd i put together (sting, jack johnson, queen, peter gabriel, talking heads, bowie, the kinks, tristan prettyman, sara cox, the subdudes, robbie robertson, and the waterboys). late nights at the day job are done! yippee! yahoo! weeeeeee! concentration on fabric artistry can resume!

painted silk piece by newfoundland artist, Katherine Munro (she has some fab stuff and she's a newf - which is very cool, because both my grandparents were from newfoundland!)

so i had an idea...well, it's been an idea long since coming, but i haven't gotten my butt in gear and implemented this idea. i want to dye fabric and paint fabric with dye. i know how to do it and how to batik, but i just don't do it on a regular basis! and i want to! i love the way fabric comes out of a dye bath because it's something new every time, a different pattern, a different just makes me happy. and i did add it to the summer list but i think it needs to be a weekly event, because i really want to start using my own fabrics in my quilts, in my fairies, in clothing! maybe on top of porch clean up weekend, it will also be a fabric dying weekend. yeah. i like the sound of that. i'll have to make up a vat of chemical water on friday night and since saturday is supposed to be b.u.t.full, i can work on the fabric dying outside! i will make certain to take picts and post them :^)

and again i say, "yippee!"

batik piece by Lisa Kattenbraker

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