Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I ♥ Indian Summer

Indian summer is a harmonious collision of summer and autumn. You know, you have a week of 40°F and below mornings, 50°F and below evenings. You start dragging out the winter coat for the morning walk, stoking up the wood stove, prepping for winter and WHAM! It’s suddenly 20 degrees warmer in the morning; the highs for the day will be in the 80’s and the weatherman is saying, “Don’t pack up the sandals and t-shirts just yet.” Last night I had the windows wide open and walked the dog in a t-shirt rather than a long sleeve with a sweatshirt over it.

It’s like Mother Nature gave us a taste of autumn, to get us in the mood and then said, “But wait! There’s more…summer, that is.”

In a perfect world…or rather my perfect world (because my perfect world and your perfect world are probably not the same), Indian summer would happen every year and last until Nov. 1st…okay, maybe not 80 degree days, but I’m liking the 60 degree morning thing (I just like the idea of not freezing my butt off on Halloween night)! We’d get the true fall weather through most of November and the day after Thanksgiving, it would start snowing straight through to New Years. Come March 1st, spring – no more snow, no more ice, no more flippin’ freezing cold winds – just spring…warm weather, grass growing, flowers popping spring.

Mmmm…I love mentally visiting my perfect world to check the weather report.

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