Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keyword: Ignore

So I did it. I ignored the pile of laundry. I ignored the pile of dishes (I didn’t ignore the dog – she wouldn’t let me). I just sat down and sketched! Now, I will admit that I’ve been slacking horribly, not practicing at all – so don’t laugh.
Sitting there, it just flowed. Everything that I learned in my class last year came back in a rush, but I’m still struggling with perspective. I did buy a copy of Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain last year.
Did I sit down and start reading it? Weeeeeeeelllll…not really. I opened it! I read a few pages, I got bored and I put it away. I do that; I buy books that really interest me…until I start reading and realize that I couldn't tell you what the last five pages were about because my mind wandered. I have to be in the right frame of mind for a book lest I put them on the shelf, vowing I’ll get back to it. And I do…eventually. I think it may be time to pick it back up. I think it will have to become the new purse book (a book in the purse is a must! Esp. when you have time to kill at the chiropractor's office or lunch breaks when your stuck in the office).
And this little bird was just a doodle that took shape. I think I might work with this and add color. I keep seeing red in it...and maybe some sky blue and yellow. It just started looking very German folk art-ish.
I also think I need to pick up a little purse sized sketch book and pencils to keep with me. I tend to doodle on everything (esp. during staff meetings at work), so this would be a good thing to have, rather than a million scraps of loose paper that end up who knows where!
**update** Mum had an appointment near where I work, so she took me to lunch with a quick stop at the bookstore and art supply store where I picked up a small sketch book, pencils and an eraser...and you know I'm just itching to sketch! Thankfully only 45 more minutes left in the work day.

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