Monday, September 10, 2007

Projects In and Out of the Works

A sneak peek at the tote I made for the Muslin Tote Swap. It'll soon be on it's way to Melissa in Portland, OR. I don't want to completely give it away, so just glimpses. The fabric is sparkly, the handles are shiny and the buttons are all the way from Portugal courtesy of Paula.

Shiny green handles and matching buttons (look, tabby toes)
the pocket
New Faery Tree Creation tags! I've wanted to make new tags to put with all of my creations for a while now and just didn't find anything that worked for me. But this weekend, I stumbled upon this image in a crafter's book of images and I loved it! It just worked out so well. I fabric glued it in and used sparkly fabric glue around the raw edges.Here they are up-close:

And an update on Juli's lap quilt:

From this... To this...
I wanted to unfold it to show it off...but I was glared at - and nobody can stare ya down better than a grey tabby who knows when you're about to roust her from her cushy spot!

The quilt isn't finished totally (about 90% finished though). I'm going to "attempt" a free-motion quilted butterfly in the center of all the 12"x12" squares, then do the binding. I need to practice the free-motion. Machine stitching motifs is not one of my strong suits.

Anyhoo, that's the latest haps from the studio (read dining room table) of Faery Tree Creations (someday I'll actually get some creations made and into my Etsy shop...someday).

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