Monday, September 10, 2007


For about a week, I kept hearing something scrabbling inside my chimney, near my woodstove. It wasn’t all the time, only once in a while. And being the chicken that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to go down into the cellar and open the trap to see what it was (shades of Clark Griswold and the squirrel in the Christmas tree from Christmas Vacation kept going through my head), so I called the one person that I always call in matters like this…my brother (he has not fear of the cellar, nor of wildlife springing out of chimneys at him!).

Come to find out, it was a poor little mourning dove trapped in the chimney and unable to fly out! Derek was able to get him out, bring him outside, hose the soot off of him and put him in a tree in my backyard until he was ready to fly away.

Poor little thing was probably terrified! But he’s safe now and will live to tell the other mourning doves of his adventure in the chimney.


lisa s said...

SO glad he got out... what a relief!

gracia said...

Great photos.
And seconding Lisa, so glad the little dove got out.
see you, g xx