Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fabric Paint vs. Fabric Pens

The Mother's Day t-shirt is done - what do you think? I took a little creative license on the earth (I think I tucked in a few more continents than I should have - eh, it's close enough)
The tree tee below is one that I did strictly with fabric pens. I'm not as impressed compared to the fabric paint...which I have come to LOVE! The pens are great for outlining and small details (like the eyes of the woman on the red tee), but not as strong for filling in. The paint can take a few coats, but it blends PERFECTLY (and it goes a long way)! For the redhead's hair I did a coat of red, a coat of orange, a coat of yellow and then highlighted and tipped with each color here there and everywhere. Her face is white, orange and yellow blended. I'm just very impressed with this paint.
I have another tee ready to go - pink this time and for me - but I haven't figured out what to draw on it, yet. I've put it in a place that I have to walk past continuously, knowing that one of those passings will generate an idea. Until then, it's just a pink t-shirt taped to foam core board, looking silly.


shannon said...

makes me glad to be a redhead!

great job!

louise said...

I've never used either, looks like fun though. xo lj