Friday, May 02, 2008

A Week of Mondays: Mini-Quilts Week 9

Title: "L7" (slang: a derivative term for square; also a reference to the band, who had that killer song I love)
Materials and Techniques: blocks, blocks and blocks on blocks and satin stitch (can you tell it's my favorite to use? It just makes everything look so clean!)
An alternate title for this was, "Would you could you in a block?" I'll have to think of another way to pay homage to Dr. Suess.

Well, that does it for a week of Mondays. I'm still about 5 mini-quilts behind (as of this coming weekend). If I can bust them out on Saturday or Sunday, you may see another week of Mondays next week...don't count on it though! :^)

Happy all!

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