Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Pupperoo...

I had to take Sadie to the emergency animal clinic the other night. She was whining and pacing and couldn't sit properly. I was so nervous that something was drastically wrong and she would have to be hospitalized or have surgery or something - yes, I was overreacting, but this is a dog that has never had anything seriously wrong...she's always been very healthy! Thank god for my best friend Juli, who (in a heartbeat) said she would come with me and then proceeded to keep me occupied, talking, for the entire 45 minute drive, keeping my mind off from all the horrible diagnoses that were going through my head before!

Come to find out, poor Sadie's anal glands were impacted. The ER Vet "expressed" them and sent us on our way and my Vet ordered a prescription of antibiotics and a pain reliever, because my poor babe was sooooo sore! She couldn't sit and even laying down wasn't comfortable. She just wasn't herself and she kept coming to me with that look of "Mumma, make it go away!" I wanted nothing more than to do just that...take that pain away.

She was starting to feel better last night...just a little and this morning, she was rushing me to get up and take her for a walk (just like she normally does) and she even tried a couple of times to put her tail up to wag while we walked, but it was still sore, you could tell.

My poor babe - it's almost time to head for home now, to see how she feels and to give her another dose of antibiotics and pain relievers.

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