Friday, May 23, 2008

Stumble Upon

A great stumble upon book, found after it was mentioned in an article I read on organic I had to get it, right? Right!
I've only had it a few days and I've already found it useful, especially the section on companion planting. And like most books I tend to pick up these days, it was used and budget friendly!

Budget friendly is the way I think we're all going these days: alternative modes of transportation, growing our own food, reusing/recycling/precycling. I'm even getting a roommate...well, my brother is moving in with me, but we're sharing costs, which will help the budget GREATLY! We'll see how it works out. We haven't lived together in 17 years and have both grown accustomed to living'll be interesting to say the very least. But I'm looking on the positive side - when I get a major attack of the "girlies" and can't face spider central (my cellar), I'll make him go down there! :^)

Here's to a 3 day weekend of sheet rocking and trying to get that bedroom looking less like a pit, so my brother can move into it!


gracia said...

Best of luck with all that preparation (!), and I hope you guys enjoy living together once more...

Happy Monday, g xx

shannon said...

hehe.... good luck with that. i've learned that derek doesn't always deal with "girly" very well! :-)

Tiffany said...

Thanks, Grache! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Shannon - you're right, but spiders and dead creatures that need picking up are really my only "girly" issues and he just laughs at me for those things (in typical older brother fashion).

shannon said...

well.. he IS good with dead things... like this guy i found on my bathtub last summer.

derek actually pried his little mouth open to see what was in it.

i think he's really twelve.