Monday, May 19, 2008


The plants sale was fantastic! I bought two daylilies (one is red, the other is a pale orange/yellow), french tarragon, horseradish, catnip and my fav of all the purchases...a flowering quince!!
And my day just got better...after brunch, we skipped over to JoAnn's Fabrics and in the sale bin, I found this little beauty! 2.75 yards of funky tapestry at $6 per yard. I brought it to the cutting table, told the girl I wanted it all and she filled out a slip for me (her electronic gun thingy wasn't my benefit) and when I checked out, my total came to $10.50. I was expecting around $17, but I thought "Oh, maybe they were taking a percentage off the sale stuff." When I got home, I noticed on my slip that the woman rang it up at 1.67 yards! BONUS!
I'm going to bind the edges and it will be a floor cloth in my living room. In this picture, it kinda looks like crap against the floor...but the couch didn't have it's slipcover. In person it looks much better (the colors of the slipcovers are within this fabric, blending them all together).
I need to pull one of the colors out of the hexagons for the binding, but I'm not sure which one yet. I was thinking yellow, then I thought black to really make it pop, but I don't like either. It'll come to me.

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