Thursday, May 31, 2007

Clothes Horse

Now that my garden is growing and requires little attention other than watering, fertilizer and admiring (for the time being), I'm in a summer clothing making mood.

I’ve been scouring the internet for freebie patterns and had to share what I’ve come up with:

* Amy Butler's Café Wrap Skirt (scroll to the very bottom - it's so cute!)

* Hancock Fabric's Poodles in Paris Skirt/Dress (don't let the name fool you into thinking it's some cutesy poodle skirt kinda thing. It's actually quite lovely! Though I'm not one for strapless, that can be adjusted)

* Burda's Empire Top (love it! sooo comfy looking!) and skirt

And have you ever been to the Naughty Secretary Club site? Yes I know it sounds vaguely pornographic, but they have some really nifty bracelets (I'm lovin' the blue bakelite), hair clips and purses! Oh my!


Tonight, Melissa and her girls are coming to visit. YIPPEE! I may have to suggest a trip to my fav ice cream place, Webbers, for homemade ice cream! There is nothing more fun than watching little kids eat ice cream...especially when you're not the one who has to clean them up afterward!! ;^)

Have a fab evening all!


risa said...

i wish i had time to sew s ome new clothing right now! hmmmm...maybe there's time for one of those skirts...

mati rose said...

i just clicked on all these patterns! love them! the poodles in paradise is such a bad name for that one...
and i am so jealous of your strawberry rhubarb pie! it's so maine it has me homesick!

gracia said...

From green thumbs to sewing fingers... seems there is nothing you cannot do! Happy sewing to you.
take care, g xo

louise said...

Looks like your garden has all sorts of summer treats popping up. Enjoy :)