Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bowdoinham Library's Annual Plant Sale 2007

This past Saturday was the annual plant sale at the Bowdoinham Library. Last year was the first time I'd ever been. Once again, it was crazy, busy and just fantastic! This year my sister came with my mother and I. I brought my camera and was all set to take pictures, but it was such a madhouse of people searching, inspecting, reading about all the plants that I forgot I had it. I was swept up in the excitement. I spent $8 less than last year, but look what I got...

A Contorted Willow (I'm calling it my twisty willow)
A deep cranberry Hollyhock to go with my pinky/white ones
A Flowering Crabapple (the only thing I really wanted to come away from the plant sale with)
White Bee Balm

I was so happy with all my purchases and just had to share with all of you (my mother and my sister were so happy, they bought so much stuff)!

Now I need to go to bed...I'm heading to New Hampshire tomorrow with my boss for a meeting with the Senate Presidents and Speakers of the House from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. I leave you with a picture of my computer buddy. Anytime I try to work on the computer at home, she is either in my lap or sitting in front of the monitor giving me this look; it's the "Pay attention to me...right now...or else" look.

Until Tuesday!

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gracia said...

Yep, I'm all too familiar with that feline stare.
see you, g xo
(And belated One year blog anniversary to you as well... I'm mighty slow getting around these days.)