Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

My first foray into the world of strawberry rhubarb pie. Though I've eaten many, I've never actually made one...so last night, as I looked at the beautiful stalks jutting forth from my rhubarb plant, I thought, "I need to make a pie!"
So I dragged out my gram's trusty Fannie Farmer Cookbook (this is a 1945 edition). You can see it's been well used!
I used the "Plain Pastry" recipe at the bottom of the left hand page for the pie crust (the cooking instructions are on the bottom of the right hand page - click on the pictures to enlarge)
This is the easiest pie crust recipe I have ever used! But I do add just a little sugar (less than a tsp) to it, so it doesn't taste too floury.

Then I used the "Rhubarb Pie" recipe at the bottom of the right hand page for the filling
But as you can see, I added the last of the strawberries from last season (I can't wait for strawberry season!!! Just a few more weeks and the should be ready here in Maine!)
How yummy does that look?

The baking instructions are kinda funky. It calls for baking it on the bottom rake of the oven for 10 mins at 450 degrees (to thoroughly cook the bottom), then you move it to the middle rack for 40 mins at 350. If you make this, remember to turn your oven down! I forgot. DUH! But I timed it for 20 mins, just so I could check on it. I ended up turning it down to 350 for only 10 mins and it came out beautifully, despite my screw up!
And it really tasted yummy!This was the easiest pie I have ever made!


Briana said...

Yum... I have a hell of a time with pie crust and will have to try this...

shari said...

love your vintage cookbook and i miss strawberry rhubarb pie. the last time i had it was several years ago at a campsite in maine, actually. :)

Morgan said...

Thank you for the post. I've used the recipe twice and it's a classic. I substituted peaches for strawberries and it was fantastic.