Thursday, May 17, 2007


Happy Blogiversary, dear Musings From Mt. Vernon Street.

1 year ago today, you came into being.

You’ve documented my gardening, my quilt projects, my foray into Capri making and drawing.

You’ve witnessed destruction and rebirth, seasonal changes in Maine and many, many blatant promotions of doggie and kitty cuteness.

There have been ups and downs and everything in-between…and through it all, you’ve been there.

So raise a glass, one and all, in honor of Musings From Mt. Vernon Street.

To another year and to all that it may bring!

The real Mt. Vernon Street (and Sadie)


Briana said...

Happy blogiversary, friend!

lisa s said...

so glad you are here! happy 1 year!

Saucy said...

Cheers! One year for you! I'll have a saucy-tini just for you!

shari said...

ooh. i love this photo. i want you to submit it to the street project. will you? happy one year tiff!