Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Goofy Sadie

Goofy Sadie
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had to share puppy pictures. it's rare that i have my camera in hand when sadie starts acting like a goofball. normally she's all solemn looking and shy, doesn't like the flash of the camera or the sounds it makes, but on saturday, i had just finished uploading pictures onto flickr and laid down next to her on the bed with the camera in hand. she's just started acting nutty, rolling around on the bed, plowing into me to get me to play with her. then she went to sleep!


briana said...

Oh I love her! And now I have the Beatles "Sexy Sadie" stuck in my head... no worries, I've had far worse.

gracia said...

Yay for nutty pets!
Your Sadie is lovely, and perhaps, yes, a little goofy.
take care, g

Listoria said...

thank you so much! she is a wonderful little goofball, whom i can't imagine living without!


simple me said...

Lovely Sadie.
I know what you mean about dogs playing goofball. Lucas has those moments quite often. Everyday in the evening to be exact. :)