Monday, July 17, 2006

scatter brained and focus deficient

do you ever have those days where all you want to do create? you get this amazing block of inspiration, whether it be from sifting through flickr photos, taking a walk outside, reading...whatever, but your at work and where you work does not let you just take off to the local craft store then to home to put your creative whim to good use. no, you. are. working. you have to stay in your cubicle and do actual work, this is what you get paid for...but you know, i do make time to read my daily blogs while i'm supposed to be working... i know, bad tiffany, bad girl! but this place is so quiet in the summer and though i know i could find many things to occupy my time - like filing, appointments, catching up on the very important goings on in maine's environment and creative economy, blogs are much more interesting and fun! and it fuels my creativity while i'm working to make me press on so that i can actually sit there and read these articles until my vision spins and that evening, i dream of vernal pools, global warming and the latest small business venture to make it big!

with every new blog i find, whether on my own or via other bloggers favorite blogs lists (which is usually the case), i find these new inspirations, these new things i want to do or try; pretty pictures, loads of color, others who share my love of all things fabric. pretty well all of it is arty or expressive in some form, but then i get home from working the typical 8 to 5 job (with an hour lunch to get the heck out of work and soak up a little sun so i don't go completely stir crazy) and i find that i just can't muster the energy needed to start a project or all the amazing things that inspired me from the blogs i read have flitted out of my brain or i have too many other projects that require my attention and i feel much too much guilt for setting them aside. like i've said before, i'm a project starter, rarely a project finisher.

with my penchant for lists, you'd think i'd be more organized. ha!

i think the deadlines are starting to get to me. or the sunburn has sufficiently baked my brain. tomorrow, after i have put some time into the baby quilt tonight, i will feel better organized and more focused (lets hope). i guess today just wasn't a day for work.

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