Tuesday, July 18, 2006

listoria comes alive!

"braving the humidity and a sunburn-induced headache, our heroine listoria triumphs through binding blunders, steaming irons and breaking threads to pin, stitch, fold and repin the baby blanket from hell. had it not been for the evils of lacking blue thread, she would be finished with this dreaded project. but, alas, our heroine must race to mystic maine quilts on her lunch break for more blue thread to make her deadline of tomorrow morning."
that was my night, nothing but working on the baby quilt binding. it had been awhile since i did a binding and i forgot how to do the corners properly, but after jumping online I realized that i was folding it backwards. that problem solved and the quilt pinned, i realized that i pinned it backwards of how my machine is set up, had to unpin the whole thing and then remembered that i never pin the whole thing, i pin one side at a time. but that's what headaches to do me, make me forgetful.

this morning, i feel good though. the headache's gone, the sunburn isn't so bad and i'm well rested! the baby quilt is almost done, just a little more stitching to go. also i've got my list here to organize me! this chalkboard hangs in my kitchen for me to create my "to do" lists. as you can see, it has a couple of bills to pay, a quilt design idea and a day by day list of things that need to get done.

now it doesn't seem so overwhelming, all the things i have to do. we're doing a big bar-b-que for my mother and sister at the lake on saturday, so i have until then to put their presents together - which means i don't feel so rushed. yippee!!

okay, must get to work this now. hope the day is fantabulous for all of you.


oh! and if you get a chance, i highly recommend bruce springsteen "the seeger sessions". i just picked it up and can't get enough of it! love love love "o mary don't you weep". okay, that's my plug for bruce. have a great day!


simple me said...

You are a serious "organiser" not like me...:)

Listoria said...

hi paula,
the organization comes from having a brain like a sieve! this is the only way to keep it all in my head! :^)