Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ahead of the game


so the baby blanket was a hit! here is mommy-to-be, nina (behind the quilt) holding it up.

i managed to finish it last night, along with the dishes, reinforcing my neice's messenger bag and my sister's pants (save the waistband and hemming them). i was a stitchin' machine last night!

and, my coworker, the ever lovable marcia, said "you should take friday off!" so i am!

yippee for me!!


it seems lately that i've been really keeping an eye to the sky. i'm not sure what has brought on this new found, deep appreciation for the sky, but i find that this summer, i'm looking up more than down. i think it's been the weather that we've been having. crazy-out-of-the-blue storms, super sunny skies, beautiful sunrises and amazing sunsets! the colors have just been an awe inspiring palette. the blueblue of today's sky makes me want to sit in a field somewhere and watch the clouds drift lazily across, picking out shapes like i did before life seemed to get hectic and stress-filled; where there are deadlines and timelines and too many things to do to take time out to stop and smell the roses.

friday will be a time out day, despite the fact that it's supposed to rain. i will dig out a book that i haven't read in a while, sit on my porch, in a hoody (if it's chilly) and drink chai tea. i'm ahead of the game right now. i have plenty of time to vacuum, to fold laundry, to work on projects. friday will be a selfish "me" day. i can't wait!

here's wishing you your own selfish "me" days! spoil yourself rotten, i know i will be!


gracia said...

Sitting on the front porch - sounds perfectly idyllic. Reading a book AND sipping tea... you're in for a wonderful day, have fun.
It's too chilly here, the middle of Winter, to sit on the veranda, but first warm day in Spring, you'll know where to find me.
cheers, g

Listoria said...

thanks gracia! getting caught up in all the sun, heat and humidity here in maine, i forget that your deep in winter there. 2 more months and i, too, will be dragging out the sweaters and woolies!


Shari said...

hi tiffany,
you know i LOVE the sky. maybe you should join the cloudwatchers' society. cheers! shari

simple me said...

Wondeful sky picture. You know sky pics are one of my favourites.

Listoria said...
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Listoria said...

thank you shari and paula. the best part about the sky is the sense of calm that wide expanse holds. on the ground, things seem to move too fast. up there, it's slow and relaxing.