Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lunch-time haul

check out this haul.

at lunch, i had to run to the credit union, which took all of 10 minutes, so i spent the rest of my lunch break wandering around the dollar store (we have a killer dollar store in augusta).

i had mentioned to my sister this morning that i'd picked up a bunch of school supplies for my niece when i was at target last week, but i didn't pick anything up for my nephew because i didn't know what he needed. he starts high school in the fall...oh man...he's really starting high school! my baby! i helped raise this kid...because of me, he loves the dropkick murphys and the beastie boys, the boondock saints, monty python and office space! is he really old enough to be in the 9th grade? oh dear! it seemed like yesterday he was just a little, giggling, round faced babe...meeeeem' ries. he'd glower me now for ever saying he giggled!

so anyway, i found pens and pencils, highlighters, a stapler, a magnetic locker mirror, magnetic paper clips to hang stuff in his locker, and a pencil case (which i know is totally dorky for a freshman to have, but i needed something to put all his stuff in and he'll find some use for it).

i also found a math compass for me (for quilting and it came with geometric shaped rulers! yay!), a 100 pack of hair bands and this cute wicker purse for my aunt (who's birthday is this coming month). i have a couple of little quilting things for her that i can tuck inside with some fat quarters. she'll love it!

and i found this for me...

sidewalk chalk!!!

you see, i've had an idea in my head for a guerilla art project (actually ever since shari mentioned it in her original "junk drawer tuesday" post). but it requires 2 friends, a midnight excursion and some major caffeination as these two friends don't drink. so i need to find a night (preferably a friday or saturday) where my friends aren't working the night shift or the next morning shift at their respected jobs.

the best part of my lunch-time excursion...i only spent $13! i love the dollar store!

have a superb evening, everyone! for those of you suffering the heat wave, here's wishing you cool breezes, iced beverages and cold water to put your feet in! and for those of you deep in winter right now...i'm wishing this heat wave your way!

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Shari said...

oh yes! guerilla art. can't wait to see what you're up to!