Tuesday, July 25, 2006

construction rant

the great gods of construction are teaching me patience today.

the parking lot on the left side of our building will be closed until november. it's being ripped out for what i thought was supposed to be an expanded parking lot, but all they are putting in is a sidewalk, which we do need. but really, does it take 5 months to put in a side walk? it's not that big of an area. they are ripping apart places that had new construction done to them less than 10 years ago...i actually think it's been maybe 5 years and is a total waste of tax payers money. oh, and they are ripping out trees! beautiful trees! some of which are flowering trees! and you know darn well that they won't be "digging" them out. they'll saw them down and tar over the spot where they were (which they have already done on the other side of the building where an incredible flowering crab used to be). so much of this is unnecessary, i believe!

i love the summer months; the only bad part is the construction. construction is the absolute worst part of summer and of course in Maine, you only have so many months to work with when the ground is not frozen, so everywhere you go cities and towns (and the department of transporation) are working on roads. it's everywhere! but i guess i just have to get used to it, as its all around me: my town is blasting and ripping up roads to replace water mains, various paths i take to work are fraught with road work and now the melodious sounds of backhoes and dump trucks fill my day at work!

i do know that some things are necessary (new water mains, roads without pot holes and sidewalks so we pedestrians don't get mowed down in the parking lot) but some things just seem like poor past planning, especially the work being done around here and especially the ripping out of beautiful trees. why didn't they think of putting in sidewalks when they did the initial work?

i apologize for the rant; i'm feeling a little stuck in a "paved paradise". anyone else feeling construction woes?

ps...the construction woes are seeping into blogger as it won't let me post pictures, nor will it let me blog from flickr. i give up!


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