Thursday, July 20, 2006

workin' in the twirly skirt

today i wore my twirly skirt to work and i'm pretty much all alone, which meant spinning in circles in my office making my skirt twirl!

i only twirled a couple of times because i started getting dizzy and i thought, "how on earth did i spin with my face to the sky and my arms out, so much, when i was a child and not get motion sick?" or did i and i just don't remember?

but anyhoo, taking a break from work, i thought i'd snap some pictures of architecture and things around my office:

have a great day!

ps: i have a new inspiration, a rediscovery of sorts...i have to take pictures and i will blog about it tomorrow!


gracia said...

A tour around your office... love the look of those long windows! Looking forward to the new inspiration, does it have anything to do with twirling & office views? No, I think I'm way off the mark... I have no idea.
see you, gracia

simple me said...

Yes the long windows that let the light in...
have a wonderful weekend.

Listoria said...

i have to admit i'm one of the lucky ones here in this building to have windows like this! i do so love them!

thanks for your comments, gracia and paula!