Monday, July 17, 2006

crispy crittered

so the projects are piling and the deadlines are creeping in and i'm thinking (this is on friday, mind you) that i've got the whole weekend to finish things up...there are the pants for my sister's birthday, a full length mirror to paint for my mother (same birthday as my sister), fairy wings and costumes for my friend's two little girls, a baby quilt for a coworker and a messenger bag for another friend, not to mention a couple more pairs of capri's for me, since it's getting so hot! so what did i do this weekend...went swimming. yup. i was up late on friday, finished one set of wings and a fairy costume, then took off the next morning for two days of swimming at my parents. i justified not working on anything involving fabric because it was just too hot (i also rationalized that vacuuming, doing dishes and gardening were too hot of work to do as well and that they'd be better suited for cooler days, later in the week). it was seriously too hot; it was 80 degrees at 7 am on saturday! and who really wants to bind a baby quilt in 80 degree weather? besides, within 2 hours it jumped another 10 degrees and i was happily not thinking of projects or housework while i leisurely floated in the cool quiet of damariscotta lake.

but now it's monday and my sister & mother's birthday is on wednesday. the baby shower is also on wednesday. i guess the other things don't really have deadlines, but i really hoped to finish them. so i've got 2 days to finish these, i have to work those 2 days...i've got 2 evenings to finish these things. and besides, who needs sleep? sleep is overrated! oh wait, i need sleep. i'm cranky without it. well, we'll see what gets done in the next two nights!

everyone enjoy your monday! it's another triple "h" day here in central maine (hot, hazy and humid). thank the moon and stars for air conditioning!

oh btw...
so you know what i got for my 2 days of swimming instead of finishing projects? a brilliant, too-hot-to-touch, too-painful-to-think-about sunburn across my face, shoulders and arms. that'll teach me!


simple me said...

oh I love swimming and you are so right it's to hot to even think let alone work on anything. sorry about your sunburn

Shari said...

it is too hot i agree and 80's in the AM has been typical this week as well as 90 at 7 PM. ridiculoso if you ask me...especially since if i had my drothers, i'd live in the land of fall...year round.