Monday, July 10, 2006

self-reflection: revisited

a much too busy day today. didn't even really get a chance to look at anyone's blogs :^(

so here's a quick continuation of my adventures in self reflection!
she loves the smell of fresh cut limes
discovering foods she never knew she liked (boiled onions, fresh salsa, asparagus)
words like: arugula, portulaca, serendipity, guacamole, widdershins, recidivism
the rumbling sound of a passing harley
licking her fingers after squeezing a lemon and the puckery taste

she's never been fond of mooky tomatoes. they have to be firm and beefstake
has never been a particularly good navigator due to her sense of in "i wonder what's down this road?" while someone else is driving (sorry Ju!)

love hokey william powell and myrna loy movies!

gets chills whenever she hears van morrison's "into the mystic" unexpectedly come on the radio

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