Sunday, July 09, 2006

a week of saturdays

so much for sporadic posts throughout my vacation! i just never found myself near my computer or even wanting to go near it. but here we are; after what has felt like a week of saturdays, it is finally sunday and tomorrow i am back to work. doesn't it always seem like you are just getting into the groove of this vacation thing and then you have to go back to work? i was really starting to relax! oh well.

to recap the vacation, let's see...hmmmm...didn't really do much! no, that's not true. i didn't really go anywhere, but i did a lot around the house. and despite wanting this to be a "project finishing" week, it was more of a "project starting" week.

i did spend about 3 days at my parents, which was very relaxing! my brother, father and i went on the search for quartz rock out behind the house of my parent's neighbor. that was interesting! this whole hill in the woods is covered in huge chunks of quartz, and if you pull a piece out of the ground, it's all crushed quartz rock under it! it was so cool. check out the pictures here. we also had a freak rain storm that day, so my brother and i played in the rain. now that was fun!

for projects, i started a baby quilt for a co-worker (i have to work on the binding today). i made capri's for my sister (and never took a picture of them...oops!). i primed the bottom cabinets in my kitchen, scraped and painted my back door (a color called "grape jam", i love it!), i also painted a couple of sunflowers in my hall, painted a warren kimball-esque scene on the top of a set of star nesting boxes that my mother had bought me a while a go, i did get to play in my garden and i went shopping for new fabric (surprise surprise! but i got a good deal on this 108" wide fabric that will be the backing of a couple of quilts!)

i didn't get to go on an adventure with my friend. her work was being weird and she was "on call" so to speak on her day off, but we did get to hang out, which was nice. and i missed out on the subdudes, unfortunately. i just wasn't feeling well that day. i don't feel that i missed out on anything during my vacation, though. i spent a lot of time relaxing! i couldn't have asked for a better week weather-wise! but i'm sad to see it over. i love being on vacation, staying up late, sleeping in and not feeling rushed to get things done.

now i sit, catching up on blogs and uploading photos to flickr (something i should have done during the week - but, as my friend fran says, "thou shalt not should" coupled with my own, "shoulda, coulda, woulda, didn't - so get over it!". so i'm over it and doing it now!)

i'm having issue loading photos into blogger, so i will blog (through flickr) my fav picture from my vacation week of the "forever wild" field next to my parents house on the lake. it reminds me of something one of the wyeth's would have painted (andrew, probably).

well, have a good sunday, all!

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