Thursday, July 13, 2006

more about the fairy wings (and a wicked dinner)

almost done! just need to do the little elastic arm pieces and the wings are complete.

the head piece is almost done as well; just needs little flowers on the back. the stick of the star wand is painted and i put glitter on the star itself, those will get attached tonight. the wand will be dripping with ribbon and then it's on to the yellow & orange flower petal skirt! and then to make brooke the same exact thing!

oh, so i have to thank brianna for her farmer's market post, because you see, this propelled me want to make dinner using only what i had in the fridge. after a minute of staring blankly at the void that is my fridge, i took off to the grocery store for veggies . i had chicken at home and red potatoes, but i needed milk and sandwich bread anyway, so i figured i'd get some green beans. i walked out of the store with green beans, organic italian dressing, garlic hummus and rosemary & olive oil bread. no milk. no sandwich bread. i'm telling ya, if i don't write it's gone! but i had a lovelylovelylovely dinner of grilled chicken marinaded in mediterranean mango sauce, grill potatoes, green beans and rosemary & olive oil bread dipped in hummus. yum!!

must run to the craft store for more flowers. enjoy the day!

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briana said...

You dinner sounds lovely - and your fairy wings are SO lovely. You have a very lucky little one.